Virtual GFE Services

During this time while we all must do our part to physically distance ourselves it can be really difficult for all of us as we must go against our human nature to be social, seek physical touch and connection. We could all use a little company to help make this time just a little bit easier on ourselves. How about we break that feeling of isolation? Let's cook a meal together, have a glass of wine or a meal together, watch a show or just have some good old fashioned conversation. I am known for my listening skills, compassion, empathy and a great sense of humor. I want to hear about what is on your mind and how your day is going. We can sit down together, relax while we open up a bottle of wine and have a deep and meaningful conversation, or have a few laughs while we contemplate this new reality that's been thrown at us. whatever it is at least we'll be cuddled up together (virtually) while we get to know one another better. 

*Limited spots available per week to allow for individual attention*






Skype date: 

How about we get to know one another better while we chat over a drink, cook a meal, have lunch/dinner, or watch a movie/TV show together? 


$ 200: 30 Min, $300: 60 Min, $400: 90 Min, $500: 120 Min


+$150: add some intimate time to our session


Texting/Email package: 

We’ll chat about whatever's on our minds, I’ll send you cute selfies/clips and we can help keep each other company


$300: per week 


+$200: add on, let's explore each other's erotic minds 


Unlimited weekly package: 

Let me be your distraction. Includes unlimited texting, selfies/clips & skype (subject to my availability, 3hrs of guaranteed Skype time per week). Let's build a connection by fitting in as much texting and skyping as we can.  


$1000 per week


+$400: make it the ultimate girlfriend experience by adding everything described plus more boobs & booty, just the way I know that you like it. 

*Note: we are all quite busy & stressed at this time waiting in long lines & trying to figure out how to manage during this pandemic. Therefore, unlimited packages can be expected within reason. 


Payments can be sent through E-transfer 

For questions or to set up a date, please contact me and introduce yourself via:


*Please include screening information along with references/ID

*Please note that recording our skype sessions and forwarding any content I send is prohibited and illegal. This is a violation of my consent.

*All skype sessions that select intimate time must sign a form agreeing to not record our session before it begins. Thank you for your understanding. 


© 2020 by Adriana Davis.


All donations are for time and companionship only 

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