How to contact me:

Please consult the contact me page and fill out the contact form, fill out the covid questionnaire in full. It is extremely important that you answer the questionnaire honestly and completely within the space provided below in the contact form. Not filling out the contact form and questionnaire will signal to me that you do not take the present situation seriously, nor respect my safety.


I require screening for all new suitors I meet, no exceptions. I offer two methods for you to screen and it is up to your discretion to pick which you are most comfortable with.​​

(1)Provider References: A reference from a provider you've met prior within the past 6 months, please check in with your reference before you give me anyone's contact information. I require your references preferred method of contact to reach out through, as well as their website or social media handle(s).

(2) Personal Identification: This could be a Drivers License, Passport, etc. It needs to show; full legal name, date of birth and photo. This is my preferred method of screening. 

Deposit: Deposits are mandatory for all bookings that are made along with 1 of the above screening methods.


A 50% deposit is required to reserve our date upon booking and will be held for our future date should you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 and need to cancel. Cancelations should be made 48 hours in advance to not incur a cancelation fee. You are responsible to monitor yourself for symptoms of Covid in the week leading up to our date. 

Preparing for our date during the age of Covid: 

I am monitoring my health and taking a biweekly Covid test at the local pharmacy. Prior to our date, I would appreciate your taking my health and the health of others into account. This means taking a Covid test at your local pharmacy and taking your temperature in at least the 4 days leading up to our date. Should you feel ill, or symptomatic please let me know, your deposit will be held and we will reschedule as soon as it is safe for us to do so. I appreciate you taking this situation as seriously as I am, we all want things to return to normal as soon as possible. 

What is a date with you like?

All dates are different as the chemistry tends to differ for each date. Although I always like to start our date off by chatting over a glass of wine and some snacks so we both can feel more at ease. Activities together such as attending an event or dinner date are a fun way to start off our friendship. Please be assured though that I enjoy making you feel at ease and I've been told that I can be quite funny and charming. Feel free to peruse my review page where others have generously taken the time to write about what it has been like for them on our dates.  

If you would like for things to run smoothly:

 during our time together please be freshly showered and groomed as I will be for you. If our encounter is at my incall there are fresh towels, soap, water, and mouth wash available. Please do not skip/skimp on showering and grooming if you wish to ensure a pleasant encounter for us both. 

When we meet:

 please have the donation placed in a visible location with my name on it to avoid any awkwardness. If we meet at my incall please hand me the donation when you come in. All donations are for time and companionship only. 

What are your stats:

All my photos in my gallery are recent. As depicted I am blonde, brown-eyed, slender yet curvy and my height is 5''8, meet me in person and I promise you won't be disappointed. I do not feel that my exact weight and cup size is necessary to form a meaningful connection.


Do you offer ABC alphabet soup/service? 

Many of my suitors will agree that taking our time and allowing for our date to flow naturally leads to the best of experiences together. If you are looking for a buffet of acronyms to check off a shopping list,  you've got the wrong lady. I do not enjoy the pressure of stepping into a date with a pre-fixed menu in mind and I do not answer emails filled with a shopping list. I provide a sensual and intimate girlfriend experience, which varies on our chemistry and your effort put into good hygiene. 

Do you offer disability services?

I have met with several individuals with a variety of disabilities over the years. Although this is not an area I specialize in I am comfortable meeting with individuals with disabilities. Please specify your disability in your message so I can determine if I am experienced enough to provide you with the date that you deserve. 

What if I need to cancel?

Please treat our meeting like any other appointment and allow me at least 48 hours advanced notice. If it is the same day please be kind and forward the expected donation to demonstrate your sincerity in the apology, otherwise, no more appointments will be scheduled between us. When our date is booked that means that time will be held for you and I will refuse other requests for that date and time. I am a low volume companion by choice, therefore last-minute cancellations can be detrimental. Please be mindful of this when booking our time together. 

Cancellation policy: 

Cancellations made 48 hours or less before our booking are subject to a 50% cancellation fee done via E-transfer. Same day cancellations require a 100% cancellation fee made via E-transfer. Not following this cancellation policy subjects you to not have the opportunity to schedule another date with me. I see a low volume of clientele, therefore when a date is made that time is reserved for you and I schedule myself accordingly. Not respecting my time is disrespectful, as I value and respect your time and expect the same from you.

Requirements for overnights & other extended bookings: 

Social time is required during our time together. 

A minimum of 7-8 hrs of sleep, no groping, some cuddling is ok, but I will need some space to sleep

What are you doing to ensure my safety during Covid? 

What I will do in an effort to ensure both your safety and mine: 

Sanitize my incall after each date (wipe down surfaces with an antibacterial cleanser, provide fresh bedding, provide fresh towels and toiletries). See 2-3 clients per week with time in between dates, physically distance between dates until a vaccine is available for the general public. Get tested for Covid on a weekly basis. Screen clientele thoroughly and only accept clients that are deemed to not be high risk. Monitor my health and cancel a date if I begin to feel ill (deposits will be used towards our future date). Waive my cancellation policy if you begin to experience symptoms/feel ill before our date (deposits will be put towards our future date)


© 2020 by Adriana Davis.


All donations are for time and companionship only 

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