For outcall in downtown and the surrounding area please add 50$, outcall fee may be higher depending on the distance from Centertown 

2 Hours: 800$

(Not always available at this time, priority goes to longer bookings)

3 Hours: 1000$

(Preferred minimum)


Encounters over 3 hours must include some activity, such as ordering in, cooking a meal together, watching a movie/show, walk or picnic. If you have any other suggestions for a fun activity I'm always open. 

4 Hours: 1200$

5 Hours: 1400$

6 Hours: 1600$ 

Get a little more: Additional Hours after 6 hours: 200$

Couples starts at 2 Hours: 1100$

(Additional Hours after: 350$)

Overnight: 3000$

(15 hours of pure delight, includes 3 hr dinner & 1hr breakfast, 

minimum 3hrs social, 7-8hrs sleep)

Whole day: 4000$

(24 hours of pure delight, includes lunch, dinner & breakfast, 

minimum 7hrs social, 7-8 hrs sleep)

Additional day: +1500$

Additional day & night: +2500$

*Requirements for overnights & other extended bookings:

Please see FAQ page


Dates ideas where we get to know each other better: 

Social Date: 2-hour minimum: 400$

Additional hours for just social time: 150$ 

Netflix & chill: 1200$ 

(Includes: 2-hour movie & cuddles, 2-hour private time) 

Cooking date: 1300$

(Includes: a home-cooked meal that we'll cook together. 2 hours social & 2 hours private time)

Lunch/Dinner Date: 1100$

(2 hours social in a public setting, 2 hours private time) 

Extended Lunch/Dinner Date: 1450$

(3 hours social in a public setting, 3 hours private time)

Fly me to you dates: 

​Available all across Canada for dates of 24 hours/more.

*Overnights are available in Ontario and Quebec for Fly me to you dates only*

I love nothing more than exploring our beautiful country in the company of a lovely individual like yourself. Extended dates are where we truly get to form a meaningful connection. Couples welcome! Please pick from the packages below and mention the duration within in your email to ensure a smooth booking process. *Hotel and travel expenses are covered by you. Please email me to ask for further details. Travel expenses and a 25% deposit must be made to book our fly me to you date. 

Fly me to you packages: 

 One day: 4000$

Two days: 6500$

Three days: 8500$

Four days: 10,000$

Five days: 11,500$

Six days: 13,000$

One week: 14,500$

Weekend: 8000$

(Friday evening to Sunday afternoon)​

*Requirements for extended bookings:

Please see FAQ page

"I met Adriana at a strange time of my life, we spent two hours talking about our lives and my current situation. I found her to be an amazing listener and a loving caring genuine human! I look forward to seeing her again and again.. " ~Issac Greenberg

© 2020 by Adriana Davis.


All donations are for time and companionship only 

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