Booking our date: 

I'm so glad you've decided that you'd like to meet. You have certainly made the right choice and I can't wait to plan our adventure together. 


Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. I am only available through advanced booking. Therefore, booking a minimum of 48 hours to two weeks in advance is highly recommended to avoid any disappointment. I receive a high volume of requests and see only a limited number of lovers, and am highly selective in whom I choose to spend my time with. I only respond to emails with all the proper screening information included, and I don't reply to rude/vulgar messages with a laundry list of acronyms.  


Initial contact via the contact form is the only way to reach me. Texting will only be done the day of our meeting to confirm and provide you with the location: 


I require screening for all new suitors I meet, no exceptions. I offer two methods for you to screen and it is up to your discretion to pick which you are most comfortable with.

  • Provider References: A reference from a provider you've met prior within the past 6 months, please check in with your reference before you give me anyone's contact information. I require your references preferred method of contact to reach out through, as well as their website or social media handle(s).

  • Personal Identification: This could be a Drivers License, Passport, etc. It needs to show; full legal name, date of birth and photo. This is my preferred method of screening. 

  • Deposit: Deposits are mandatory for all bookings that are made along with 1 of the above screening methods.


To Contact me:

Please fill out the contact form & include screening 

information in your introductory email: 

Get to Know me better:

Twitter: @AdrianaDavisOTT

Instagram: @adrianadavis_ott

I am located in downtown Ottawa (Golden Triangle)

Cancelation policy: 

Cancellations made 48 hours or less before our booking are subject to a 50% cancellation fee done via E-transfer. Same day cancellations require a 100% cancellation fee made via E-transfer. Not following this cancellation policy subjects you to automatically be placed on the bad date list and you will have no chance of rescheduling another date. I see a low volume of clientele therefore when a date is made that time is reserved for you. Not respecting my time is disrespectful as I value and respect your time and expect the same from all my lovers.


Booking during COVID-19 will require a reference and ID, along with filling out the COVID questionnaire I have created for you below to ensure both of our safety, along with that of the greater society. I have been physically distancing since March 7th and will continue physical distancing between dates. I will be accepting 2 dates per week until the vaccine is available to everyone and the pandemic has resolved. It is extremely important that you answer the questionnaire honestly and completely within the space provided below in the contact form. Not filling out the contact form and questionnaire will signal to me that you do not take the present situation seriously, nor respect my safety. A 50% deposit is required to reserve our date upon booking and will be held for our future date should you develop symptoms and need to cancel.

COVID-19 questionnaire: ​

  1. Have you been practicing social/physical distancing since the public health orders went into effect? 

  2. What is your profession and have you been working from home? 

  3. Are you over the age of 65? 

  4. Have you traveled outside of Ottawa recently? If so, where? If you are not from Ottawa, where do you presently reside? 

  5. Have you traveled to Quebec in the past 2 weeks? 

  6. Have you left the country recently? If so, where? 

  7. Have you been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (sore throat, dry cough, shortness of breath, fever, loss of sense of smell, chronic headache)? 

  8. Have you been in contact with anyone showing symptoms, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19? 

  9. Do you have a thermometer to take your temperature with? 

  10. Do you consent to immediately remove your shoes and coat upon entry to my incall? 

  11. Do you consent to wash your hands immediately upon entry to my incall? 

  12. Do you consent to shower upon my request and using alcohol-based mouthwash? 

  13. Do you give your word to let me know before our date if you begin experiencing any signs of COVID-19/illness? This is for my safety and the safety of others. 


What I will do in an effort to ensure both your safety and mine: 

  • Sanitize my incall after each date (wipe down surfaces with an antibacterial cleanser, provide fresh bedding, provide fresh towels and toiletries)

  • See 1-2 clients per week with ample time in between dates, physically distance in between dates until a vaccine is available for the general public

  • Get tested for Covid on a biweekly basis

  • Screen clientele thoroughly and only receive clientele that are not deemed to be high risk 

  • Monitor my health and cancel any date if I begin to feel ill (deposits will be used towards our future date)

  • Waive my cancellation policy if you begin to experience symptoms/feel ill before our date (deposits will be used towards our future date)

Booking during COVID-19: 

© 2020 by Adriana Davis.


All donations are for time and companionship only 

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