.Luxury Canadian Companion. 

"When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better." 
~ Mae West 
Hello there my future lover, 
I'm so glad that you decided to visit my website! Well, I guess this is where I tell you a little about myself, hmmm where to begin? I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Sexuality studies and I am hoping to go on to get a graduate degree in relational psychotherapy so I can open my own sex therapy and counseling practice. Needless to say, I am known for my compassionate listening skills, sense of humor and ability to laugh at just about anything. I have a strong passion for sex worker's rights and I have spent my time both volunteering and researching how to make the industry better for both sex workers and clients alike. My sense of style can be called fashionably sexy and casual (i.e jeans and a sexy top), but I can certainly dress up when the occasion calls for it. In my daily life, you can expect to see me rocking yoga pants a comfy t-shirt and sneakers; the classic university aesthetic haha. 
I like to think of our time together as a brief escape from the stressors of our busy daily lives. I specialize in long and extended relationship type dates where we get to pretend together for a brief moment there is no one else in the world, but the two of us. I see a select few suitors as I enjoy maintaining long term friendships and connections, along with being selective with whom I invest my time and energy. Some of my relationships span from the beginning of my time within the industry and they keep getting better with time as we grow more comfortable with one another. I love watching as our inhibitions slowly melt away as our friendship grows with time. 
There is nothing like taking our time together while we explore one another's mind to build up the anticipation and chemistry for when we are alone together. My ideal first date is where we start by having a meal together over a glass of wine and stimulating conversation. How about we have some dinner together or attend a show? Or we can stay in and cook a meal or watch a movie while we cuddle up on my couch? Or maybe you'd like for me to plan a day/weekend for us where we get to explore the town together? However, we choose to spend our time together it is guaranteed to be filled with adventure, passion, and laughter. 
 For those looking to explore just a little bit more, I identify as bisexual and love meeting friendly couples and women who are looking for a new experience to spice things up, explore the boundaries of their sexuality or just live out that long fantasized experience. As well, I offer duos and trios through advanced notice. I love spending time with my gorgeous and kind-hearted friends while making some of your long-awaited fantasies a reality. I'm looking forward to starting our friendship and seeing where this adventure takes us!



Adriana Davis

(Formerly Adriana Bella) 

Adriana at a glance: 

Age: Early thirties

Height: 5"8

Physique: toned yet curvy

Hair: long & blonde 

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: European/Middle eastern, born in Montreal, Canada 

Education: Bachelors in Sociology & Sexuality studies,

in the process of applying to graduate programs in psychotherapy

Hobbies: Yoga & Strength training 

Favorite foods:

vegan sushi, gluten-free vegan pizza, 

big salads, anything with peanut butter sauce, cashew cheese and cheesecakes, 

dark chocolate with nuts/caramel/sea salt, fresh fruit

Dietary restrictions: Vegan and gluten-free 


Kombucha, peach/strawberry Perrier, Champagne, White wine, gin and tonic


Yes! I love rock music, heavy metal, classic rock, deep house, EDM.

Or tell me what you have in mind


Yes! I love attending plays, burlesque shows or a good old fashioned comedy,

action or historical film at the movie theater.

Needless to say, I'm always open to new experiences ; )


Vegan or somewhere with vegan options, please. 

Favorite Ottawa based restaurants: 

Alices, Play food and wine, Pure kitchen 

" Adriana met me at the door in a very nice outfit that you might see if you scanned the images in her ads or on her website. She is a very pretty college girl and is just a joy to hold in your arms. The kisses and conversation came fast and easy, and I was immediately comfortable and relaxed with her. We discussed many things and shared stories, and she frequently punctuated her comments, or responded to mine, with a cute little giggle.
~ Officiando (Terb & Lyla) "

© 2020 by Adriana Davis.


All donations are for time and companionship only 

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